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Setting up eBay Auctions

There are some special considerations to setting up Auction listings on eBay.

Setting Auction as your Listing Default Type:

The default listing type in SureDone is Fixed Price. If you predominately list Auction listings, you can choose to select Auction as your default listing type.

To change your default Listing Type:

1. Click on Settings > Selling > Channels.

2. Click on the eBay Channel you are going to be using to expand the settings options.

3. Once here scroll down the page to “Listing Type” and select Auction from the drop-down menu.


4. Click on Save Settings in the bottom right-hand corner to record your changes and you are ready to list.


Listing Auction Items:

  • Auction items can only have 1 in stock.
  • The listing will end when the item sells.
  • Auction items can have a duration of up to 10 days.
  • The Auction Relist option will relist the item if it doesn’t sell before the auction ends.
  • If you have more stock than 1, Auction Relist will relist the item when the item is sold.
  • If you are listing the item on other marketplaces and it sells, if this causes the stock to reach 0, SureDone will automatically end the auction listing without sale, even with an existing bid.

Listing an Auction Item Step by Step:

For this example, we will be focusing solely on the required actions.

1. Click on Product from the Navigation bar at the top of the screen and select New Product.

2. Enter all the required information in the General Section.

  • This includes Title, Price, Condition, Brand, and Stock.
  • Choose which channels to list your item to using the checkboxes on the right.
  • Enter a SKU or leave it blank if you are using the SKU generator.

3. Click on the eBay Channel on the left to scroll down to the eBay listing fields. 

4. Choose Auction for the Listing Type.

5. Choose Listing Duration, that is 10 days or less.

6. Enter a Starting Price for the Auction.

7. If you are using the Buy It Now feature, enter a Buy it Now Price.

8. Turn Auto Relist ON, if you plan on relisting the auction item at the end of the listing.

9. Select the number of times to relist the item, up to 3.

10. Select an Action to use after the auctions relist tries have been exhausted.

11. Select a Duration for how long that action should be executed.

12. Choose a Relist Price.

13. Enter an eBay Category and fill out any required or recommended fields.

14. You will now need to add the last required field, an image.

  • Click on the media section from the menu on the left, if you would like to add an image.
  • If you have the image stored on your computer, click on browse to add the image file or drag and drop the image into the browser.
  • You can also post a URL of the image, if you already have the image loaded to the web.
  • Copy the URL of the image into the box.
  • Click on “+ Add Image.

15. Click the add button to list the product on eBay.

  • If you are not ready to list the product, you can use the create a draft button, so you can finish listing later.
  • If you want to start over without listing, click the Reset Button.

Listing Auction Items in Bulk:

You may use the header “listingebayoptions” and the value for the column data is Chinese, for auction listings.

Note: You can download a spreadsheet with the most common bulk headers and with the acceptable values from here.